About US

Flydex autoteile is an independent trading importer company that professionally provide various auto parts and accessories of BMW, MINI & Mercedes-Benz. All auto part/accessories we sell are 100% genuine/original parts. Meanwhile, we also sell OEM branding auto parts that BMW/MINI/Mercedes-Benz authorized manufacturers. OEM parts qualities are completely same as OE (genuine) parts, because those OEM manufacturers are also authorized to provide same parts to BMW/MINI/Mercedes-Benz. The only difference is that OEM parts do not have the logo of BMW/MINI/Mercedes-Benz, but its price is much lower than OE (genuine) parts.

Our core value is always cheaper ; always faster. We provide sound service to Taiwan body shop, re-seller and personal customers with 1 year product guarantee for most electric/mechanical parts. For personal customers, we can introduce reliable body shop as well.

Provide Best Quality

Flydex Autoteile company mission is to provide high quality, excellent service and rapid delivery to our customers. Please contact us at info@flydex-autoteile.com for any questions, comments, or concerns you may have, or see below for direct contact information. We do our best to answer all inquiries as quickly and efficiently as possible and expect you will have the unforgettable buying experiences.

If you need more product information, please call directly +886-2-27975561 or contact us
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